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Welcome to the Texian HerbaCeutical lifestyle!

The creation of this company was manifested for a multitude of reasons. Our core values are reflected in our practices. Each day we strive to provide the finest products created on behalf of the views and beliefs of our ideals but, also backed by the latest research.

People should not wait until they are sick to seek treatment for ailments. Instead, a preventative approach is more sustainable. So often in our society we focus on just making it through the day versus conquering the body. A healthy body has no problem making it through the day.

Texian HerbaCeutical believes in a preventative and holistic approach to maintaining the body, mind and soul.

In battle, we do not wait for the enemy to attack first before we prepare for battle. We train, “Stay Frosty” – ready to go at a moment’s notice and ready to defeat the enemy and maintain safety of our loved ones and ways of life.

In our bodies, we have been taught and trained to wait for the enemy to attack before we even begin to train. We start the fight after the enemy has consumed our bodies. Sometimes (most of the time) the enemy will jump from person to person. At this point, the enemy’s successful invasion has begun to set up base for a long term occupation.

So then, we are taught to just “nuke” our entire system with antibodies that soon grow ineffective with consistent use hence, strengthening our enemies and telling them all of our secrets. Unlike war, our body will develop immunities and tolerance to these medicines. As a result, doses are increased, addiction occurs, organs are compromised and terrible side effects occur, such as death.

We all have seen the 60 second commercials with 40 seconds explaining to you how you will die if you take these medicines. All the while, super –happy people are experiencing life to the fullest while the speech of ailments goes on-and-on.

They know that people will get sick, get hurt and die. Yet, these companies will pay billions of dollars in settlements knowing that they are going to still turn immense profits off of getting the population sick, or worse!

They know that we have been taught this for generations: the only way for a person to get well is through pharmaceuticals and prescribed by someone with a PhD. Nuke it, burn in or cut it off, is the accepted approach.

We, at Texian HerbaCeutical know there is a better way. We do NOT claim that we can cure anything. However, we feel that with a healthy lifestyle of healthy choices there will be nothing to cure. Even though we know this still is not a guarantee of living longer, we do know that happy and healthy people do tend to live well and live longer lives.

We are just getting started. But, we have a vision. Come see what we are about and (more importantly) stay tuned…

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